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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal A)

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Tunesassah 6 mo My dear Parents,

About two weeks
ago I wrote to you and sent it by an Indi-
an that was going to Pittsburgh

the things they Committee has sent
for us, in which I promised to give a
more full account of our Journey by
Jm. Embree when he returned, and
I feel myself so indebted to Father, as
renders it requesite for me to com-
ply with his request, but on looking
over the notes which I have kept,
seeing how unperfectly they are, it has al-
most discouraged my attempting, for
I cannot concieve they will be any way
entertaing, excepting a little bare infor-
mation, I often feel myself very defecti[ve]
in literary knowledge, and my Ideas
in matters of Consequence, much con-
tained, let those whose genius are
more bright, have Charity, and ac-
cept, dear Father, my communication
flowing from the Sincerity of the heart
Mind has felt very much wear