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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal A)

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9 oclock having left one bed, our trunks, &c
behind, hoping to get them some time
this summer, after crossing pine C,
the land lady pushed cousin and I over in a canoe
travelled till near 1 thro the wilderness
up the pine Cbeing fine grass for the
horses where we let them partake while
we got dinner, 2 journeyed on till 1/2
past 6 then prepared to take our rest
in the woods, put up some forks and
spread the waggon cover over, after mak
ing some chocolate went to bed but I
could not sleep much, we came by the
marks on the trees 15m

6th m 1st
7th day

A clear cool morn. 5 oclock
set out again, travelled till 8 then stopd
and got breakfast, almost impossible
to tell how often we crossed pine C 1/2
past 9 proceeded, I mounted one of the
horses having the bed for a saddle, a very
boggy rough road till after leaving pine
C, then pass'd thro some good land
near the head waters of the Alleghey
and came down to the foot of a moun
tain concluding it time to prepare
for lodging, had a good nights rest af
ter a fatiguing days journey of 26m
cousin walking all the way, I the
most part, she did it of choice.