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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal A)

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us to call at Moses Wilson's

and get his Sons
to assist, we proceeded along & crossd pine C at
the second fork, stoped a few minutes to see
Sampson Babs. got to James Yarnall's 6m,
I suppose a relation, his father's name was
Daniel, from toward Midn, a while before
sunset and lodged-

5th day

Set out at 5 oclock purposing
to breakfast at Moses Wilson

, being informd
it was 5m and the first house, but beheld, when
we came to it the house was empty, and nobody
to enquire of, however we being a great way
before the waggon, and cold, made bold to
open the door and go in, where we found
fire, put it up together and sat half an
hour warming ourselves till the waggon
came; after conferring together a while conclud
-ed to go on at a venture, as we having expected to
get some information of the road at M Wilson, but
by a draught of the road which our kind
friend T Stewardson had given us, knew we
left the state road, shortly after pursuing 1/2
m came to a fork, takeing the left hand
road went on a piece (looking every way
for a house) thro the woods, over being excessive