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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal A)

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swampy we came to another fork, then stoped
being quite at a loss; after going along
on foot both roads a considerable distance found
M Wilsons,

but it was out of the way to
go to his house and a very bad road; thought thot
best to go 1m further on to James Idings
to breakfast it being near the road, M and
his wife coming over there, I thought it strange to see
such good looking friends settled in the
wilderness, and no remote from meeting
and surprising to see M Idings in such
a little cabbin, however we spent an the
time hour or two very agreeably, excepting the
bad accounts of the roads M Wilson telling
we might with difficulty get the waggon
10 or 15m further and one of his Sons
might go with us to the next house whi
which was 80m, 11 o clock we set off, cousin
and I going before giving warning of
the bad places, M Wilson Jr and Ben
holding the hindpart of the
waggon, the banks so steep and sidling
that one would think it impossible to
get along without oversetting; cossing
as crossing we crossed an the pine another another large branch of the pine
C, & after travelling a piece got stoped
by the trees that were across the