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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal A)

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the road backward and forward for several
m after crossing it a great many times, and
coming to it again I percievedg a tree
across a little down, which appeared about
two yards high from the water & attempting it
for a bridge. when near the middle it swagging my
foot slipping, in I went not much over
shoe tops and was forced to wade thro. altho we had not travelled a great
distance this morn. but it was difficult
geting along and my feet being wet, con
cluded to make a fire and get breakfast
and feed the horses, we then proceeded, continuing
thro the wilderness, we came to pine C. cross'd
it 13. times in about 5 or 6m got to Morris's
Mills about 12 oclock 12 1/2m from where we
lodged, we met with Francis Kings

daughter when was at Wm Ellis
and she told us we could not get thro the wil
derness with the waggon, and also the man
that lives here said the name which seemed
discourageing, got dinner, set off half past
2, cousin and I travelling on foot having a moun
tain to ascend got a great distance. before
the waggon, we stoped at one Jackson's till
the men come who were the people seemed glad
to see us tho no acquaintance, the woman said she
was pleased to see us so chearful, but her
husband, said it would take us six weeks
to get there with the waggon, but told