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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal A)

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fed the horses, and had a rock for a table, some
of the waggon store together with excellent water
that issued from toward the top of the m servd
served to refresh the weary travellers, but mo peace
for them nor the horses because of the little knats.
half past 1 pursuing on, the road being excessive
stony computed to be 6m 1/2 over, 3 hour 3/4 going,
put up at Kookens

just at the foot, where
were some of the tallest hemlocks pines, &c that
I ever saw.

4th day

Set out this morn 1/4 past 4 af-
ter passing a hill, had a very rough swampy
road along a valley between great mountains
Thro wash a thicket of amazeing tall trees of
different kinds, it being cloudy seemed at
most dark. cousin and I preparing our
selves with staffs set out on foot, while we
were traveling pursuing along before the waggon we heard
a & noise, & looking round to see what was the
matter, beheld, as the waggon was going down
a very steep & excessive muddy place a Feather the bed
pitched out before, and was conveyed under
the waggon in the mud, and a bottle of milk,
which we had purchased for breakfast, & was
pushed in the blanket that tied it, got out
without any damage. however we took of
the blanket, got a sheet and tied it up
again, & proceeding along crossed a lively
stream of water which followed the