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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal A)

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wherein a comfortable time of silence was
witnessed to prevail.

2nd day

This morning washed some clothes
3 oclock PM set out on our journey, had
a good road chiefly thro the woods, crossd
Loyalsock C. a very large water, got to

the capital of Lycoming C.
7h 12m put up at James Winter (Wm
being there on business) where we were
comfortably accommodated,

3rd day

Started this morn a little after
4 went about 1m 1/2 stoped at a house to buy
grain for the horses, hearing that we could
not get any further on. while the men
were employ'd cousin and I stoped in
to a little house by the road side where we met
with some who formerly lived in C. County
Baileys by name, who invited us to eat
breakfast we accepting of their kindness,
proceeded on, cross'd Lycoming C.very large
pass'd thro a small village, called newberry.

ascended the hill, and went thro a moun
tainous wilderness country very mountainous 5m to one Brooke,
fed the horses, the men took their breakfast
of a cup of milk and some rye bread, half
past 9. set out again, a very rough road,
6m to the foot of the Alleghany Mountain,