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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal A)

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what was the matter, he said he had got about
building, and thought so much, that he had got
low in his mind. I told him he had a fine barn
a good looking place and materials ready
for building his house, and had no cause
to be discouraged, he said he had been a hard
working industrious man and had been help helped thro
many difficulties by the hand of providen
ce but all was nothing to him now, we told
him that hand that had helped would yet, if
we did but trust. he said he had strived all he
could but could not help it. if he was as he
once was and saw one of us so, he would have
thought we might help it, but we knew not
till we were tried. he seemed very sensible
of his situation and possess'd of tender feelings

Indeed I felt a near sympathy for him
and it revived a stronger impression on my Mind of our
own weakness than I almost ever felt before
unless aided by a power superior to our own.
half past 8 proceeded, passed thro a small
village, crossed muncey C., & got to Wm Ellis's

half past 12. 10m they were gone to meeting
it seemed pleasant to get amongst friends
having scarcely now the sight of one since we
left Lancaster. This afternoon wrote home, in
the evening the family was collected Mrs
Ellis just read several chapters in the testamen