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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal A)

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sensations, nor enjoyed a large portion
of that precious consolation that is so
desirable. O that I may abide in the pa
-tience with an eye riagle to him whose
fatherly protection is as a wall around
those who are sincerely devoted to serve
him wherever their lot may be cast

5th day.

A fine morn. rose early, set
out about 4, crossed connowaga moun-
tains and creek, the hills exceedingly
rocky, the roads rather better near Mid

some of the land good, forded
over sweet arrow Creek a very large
water, it ran into the bed of the waggon
>it was of a considerable wealth, got to Middle-
in dauphin County to breakfast
8m, met with Richard Tunes send a few
lines home. 9 oclock proceeded on our
journey Thus a beautiful valley and
very fertile soil for several m, came
in sight of the river about 11 oclock, the
prospect of the country on the right
hand was soon after obstructed by a
large ridge of limestone mountains
some places the Rocks were 30 or 40 feet high from the
surface of the ground and continued
till we came near on the bank of the
river. got in sight of Harrisburgabout
1 oclock. 9m, stoped under the shade of a tree