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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal A)

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bought grass for our horses and took some
refreshment in the waggon. 1/2 past 2 on
proceeded on, crossed a small creek calld

over an elegant stone bridge,
then pass'd thru Harrisburg a very consi
derable Town, & beautiful situation having
a fine prospect of the river, travelled
7m close on the bank thereof, a distance
of fine cultivated land on the right hand
the river on the left, a great many
Locust trees in full bloom on each side
together with the prospect of the water
made it delightful, but after a calm comes
a storm, crossed a large stream called fish
ing creek and for 3m it is astonishing, to be
hold just one path along the bank of the river and
great rocks hanging from 400 to 600 feet
high almost over our heads the roads exceed
ingly stony but not dangerous, we crossed stony
creek & put in at David Elder's tavern 10m
here we were just at the foot of cattatinna
or blue mountain, came round it, by
the side of Susquehanna it is computed by some
to be 600 feet high, I could scarce keep my
eyes off it, it looked the prospect was so wonderful

6th day

Set out this morn 20m past
4, had a very good road a little up hill and
down with some spots of cultivated land
for about 2m, then cross'd Clarks creek and pre
pared to ascend peters' mountain, the