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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Some Account of Rachel Coope (Journal A)

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Brother, G John 4m about 4 oclock, and
lodged here Wm Embree

met us agree
ably to appointment.

22nd 4th day

Breakfasted and set off half
past 5, Brother and sister going with us
stop'd at the door of J Gibbons

and bid
farewell, proceeded to Lancaster 7m
gave the horses a little feed while we got
some necessaries for our journey, set
off brother going a piece to put us in the
right road, 3m from L crossed little con
nostoga, proceeded along being entire
strangers. the roads exceedingly badly &
cut in ugly holes, and very muddy,
the country beautiful, fine grain and
clover, crossed big chaques creek, a large
stream 9m from L. got some refresh-
ment for our selves and horses at
Christian Shellers Inn keeper 1/4 past 2
proceeded on our journey and pursuing
to Elizabethtown where we arrived a while
before sunset 9m, Lodged at the blackbear
tavern, the road continuing bad the land
good tho more hilly than nearner L., My atten
-tion has been so employed in viewing the
roads and country that I have scarcely
had any time for serious reflection, tho
have not felt much anxious unpleasant