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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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No. 6

many of them can read and write pretty well,
and have considerable acquaintance with Arith-
metic, Geography and composition. Two of
the above named schools are under the care of
the Presbyterians

and must be considered in a
flourishing condition; The other two under
the care of Friends of Philadelphia, sometimes
taught by natives as an inducement to them
to apply their education for the benefit of their
own people, but this experiment does not
meet with the success as was anticipated.
A Friend is employed to have the general
oversight on this tribe, and occasionally
teaches one of the schools, as is considered as an
indefatigable laborer; frequently visiting the
families and laboring with individuals
on the subject of intemperance, industry and
honesty; and his labors in this way are held
in high estimation by the Missionarys and
respectable settlers around the reservation,
as a school teacher, pursues a steady course
amidst many discouragements.

The Presbyterians

have been laboring
among the Cattaraugus and Allegany Indians
for several years, have 4 separate congregations
and many church members, and undoubt-
edly have done much in reforming their
moral and religious habits; there was
much sickness on the Cornplanters reservation.

The Tuscarora

tribe are situated on
Lake Ontario, Niagara County, a most delight-
ful location, soil fertile, and beautiful scene-
ry; their reservation including two separate
lots tho. joined together measures 6249 Acres, which is