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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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No. 5

On the Allegany reservation

there are about
900, including nearly 100 Onondagas and Oneidas,
who are located on two reservations about 14
miles apart; the main body of land is estimated
at 40 square miles, the small tract of land
is a mile square, called Cornplanters reser-
situated on the Allegany river, in the
State of Pennsylvania, and is considered the
private property of Cornplanter heirs; the land
belonging to the nation also lies on the Allegany
in Cattaraugus County, and is held as
Common Stock; on both reservations, there are
about 150 families, 50 of whom live in frame
houses, 14 of which have been built within
five years and are larger and better finished
than those preciously erected. Considerable
domestic arrangement & cleanliness is observable
in some families, and the furniture suited to
their condition; this domestic economy, no
doubt is the result of missionary labor;
They also have 25 frame barns and some
orchards of natural fruit; Their farms
are from small lots to 100 acres, but the aver-
age would not exceed 20 acres; The men
depend on the sale of lumber, to the neglect
of their farming opperations, and it is thought
this nation does not raise sufficient for their
own consumption. They have about 100
horses including ponies; 250 cattle, 120
sheep acres a pretty good supply of hogs &c. some
mechanics but none make it a business.

There are not less than 300 children of
an age to attend school and 4 day schools
in which about 100 children receive instruction,