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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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will enable each one to obtain his equitable proportion,
and thereby encourage a system of industry, which may not
only furnish decent apparrel, but attract their attention
so as in some measure to draw them off from those wandering
habits which lead to poverty and vice.

The Oneida tribe

, being the largest, consists of
about 1150 individuals, some of whom have made
considerable improvements in agriculture, and a few
who have inclosed large farms, and improved them so as to
produce in great plenty: In this tribe is one school taught
on the Lacasterian plan, and two Indian youths learning
the Blacksmith's bussiness.

The Committee have procured a friend, who with
his Wife reside with the tribe at Onondago

; One of the
Chiefs has given up his house for their accommodation,
and he being a blacksmith and his wife a weaver it is
hoped their services will be useful: The principal men
appear disposed to promote the views of friends; and to dis-
swade their young men from habits of intemperance; in which
they were encouraged, and advised to wait on the Great Spirit,
to dwell in his fear, that he might give them Wisdom and strength
to bring up their children aright, to train them in habits
of industry, and the cultivation of their Land. They having
concluded to promote the cultivation of flax, were also encou-
raged to procure sheep, & manufacture cloth: and it was
satisfactory to observe that they appear disposed to acquire the
knowledge of the most useful mechanic arts.

The care of friends, and the continued in-
terest manifested from time to time, was in the differrent
tribes gratefully acknowledged; and it appears that
they still place such an implicit confidence in friends
that it is believed there remains a service in the power
of the Society, still to render this greatly injured people.

Signed on behalf of the Committee
by Thomas Willis Clk.

Memorandum for Charles Willets

Upon making a further inquiry we found that the tract of Land
Friends had in view at Onondago

contained 180 Acres and the man had
not concluded to sell it, if he should the price would not be less than

Found another price for sale containing about 54 Acres will situate
on the road that leads to the Indian Setlement, and adjoining their land
price 10$ per Acre with some Improvements

Another tract lying east of the former tract containing 40 Acres
ajoining the Indian land with some Improvements price 650 Dollars

Charles Willets