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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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S. Taylor Jr. & J. D. Lang--subject continued in care
of N. York & N. England.

New York, 10th mo. 30th, 1841 David E. Knowles
Dear Friend

I have been requested to write to thee
by the Committee of our Yearly Meeting on Indian

, to obtain of thyself and wife, all the informa-
tion we can with respect to the Indian Tribes located
West of the Mississippi. Two friends of England Yearly MeetingsNew-
, have expressed a willingness
to visit these people on behalf of the concern of
their own and our Yearly Meeting, and our
Committee wish to gather all the information we
can, for their benefit and guidance.

Be so kind as to put down, at thy earliest
convenience, all such particulars as thou may
feel a freedom to do, with respect to the most
eligible route, mode of travelling, distances, &
and every item that would be advantageous to
these Friends, even to the best kind of clothing to
suit the wear of the climate
and travel of the Far West. They are two male
Friends, and I would mention their names, if
the matter had progressed so far as for them to
lay the concern before their respective meetings
As it is, it would not be proper now to make
public their concern until sanctioned by the proper

With affectionate regard to thyself and wife
I remain thy friend Mahlon Day