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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Response of New York Committee to N. England's
proposition. S. Taylor & J. D. Lang.

New York, 10th mo. 30, 1841.
Dear Friend
Samuel Boyd Toby

Thy acceptable letter of the 15th
inst. has been laid before our Committee. Much
satisfaction was felt at the prospect of the two
Friends named in thy letter being willing to give
up to pay a visit to the Indian Tribes located
West of the Mississippi, and we trust their benevo-
lent intentions will be carried into effect.

Our committee desired I would re-
ply to thy note, and assure your Committee
on this subject of our hearts co-operation, and
of our intentions to aid in this matter. They
have directed me to correspond with indi-
viduals, and to gather all the particulars we
can, with the view of making the journey of our
dear friends John D. Lang

and Samuel Taylor, jr.
as easy and pleasant as possible, knowing that
such a vast field must be attended with in-
conveniences and hardships, to travel over. We
hope in due time, to be provided with information
that will be of importance to them. To accomplish
this more fully one or more Friends ought
to visit Washington, during the of the
coming winter. Would it suit thee, or some other
Friend of your Committee, to join one of ours,
to see the proper persons in Washington?

With affectionate regard
Thy friend
Mahlon Day