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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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What tribes did you visit? How did you find them as to comfort and
progress in civilization? Did you learn of any acts of deceit and
oppression in individuals in their dealings to-
wards them, either of the whites or of government? Are they civil and kind to strangers? Would they likely receive a visit from
Friends kindly? What route or particular road would you
recommend to visit tribes you did? What mode of travelling is best? Are there guides to be obtained readily? Would it be best to employ an interpreter? How many miles in a day in the Indian country
could a man travel?

Providence 1 Mo. 19th. 1842 Dear Friend
Mahlon Day

The Committee of our
Yearly Meeting on the concern of the Indians west of
the Mississippi

propose meeting at this place at the
time of our next quarterly Meeting--two weeks from
the present time--say the 2nd or 3 of next month--
either on fourth of fifth day evening.

By a letter received yesterday from John D. Lang

he informs us of the desire of himself and Samuel
Taylor Jr.
that something different should now be concluded
on--both as to the time of entering upon the service--the
necessary steps to be taken previously and many
particulars in which our friends would desire advice
and assistance--and John proposes that a delegation
from the Committee of your Y. Meetg. should meet
with us at the time proposed above--and I am
requested by such of our Committee as I have
been able to consult to write thee and make
this proposition; with an expression of our hope
that your Committee will be able to comply with it