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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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M. Day to-- New York, 4th mo. 1839 Dear Friend
Samuel Carey,

I duly received thy communication on
behalf of a meeting of the Committee of Baltimore
Yearly Meeting

charged with the Indian Concerns, and
laid the same before our Committee on the like subject.

It appearing from the tenor of the above commu-
nication, as well as others from Friends of different
Yearly Meetings on this Continent, that the subject proposed
by the Yearly Meeting of New York

, has not been
fully understood, I have been directed by our
Committee to write to thee, for the information of
the Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting on this
subject, that it was not the concern of our Yearly
Meeting to aid any other Yearly Meeting in
any partial or limited plan for the benefit of
individual tribes; but to ask the cooperation of
the Yearly Meetings on this continent in some gene-
ral and extended plan for the benefit and pro-
tecyion of all the Indians who have moved to
reside west of the Mississippi; chiefly, perhaps
by providing suitable agents to reside among
them; and endeavor, as far as practicable, to in-
terpose between the Indians and those whites among
them, who, as the government agents or otherwise, might
attempt to frustrate or defeat those portions of the
Treaties made with the Government of the United
, which have in view the civilization and
welfare of the natives, and to represent their griev-
ances to the Federal Government. Also to be