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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Whether it will be advisable for
D. E. Knowles

to officiate as our agent of
your committee we do not pretend
to judge, but leave that with him
and the Com. to arrange as it may
seem best.

We may further add that
of the esertions of the Q & M M com-
mittees in raising funds for
their use in prosecution their under-
taking, still are comparing, the same
collected with the extent of the under-
taking, there appears a deficiency
which the liberality of other friends
may acceptably fill up.

On the part of the M. M Com.
Thy Friend
Henry Miles.

P.S. D.E.K

. & his wife expect to be in
New York about the first of next
month. H.M.

Proposed visit of David E. Knowles & wife to the Cherokees.

NY 11 Mo 16 1839.
Esteemed friend, Henry Miles

Thy letter of the 9th, inst.
addressed to Mahlon Day

as clerk of the Indian
Committee of N York Y Meeting, has been
rec. & laid before a number of the members
of that committee. Who have instructed
me to inform thee that the committee has not
yet received any money to expend in that
Concern & that they are not prepared to empoly
an agent at this time. We understand
the Indians west of the Mississippi are in a very
unsettled state from various causes, one of which
appears to be disagreement among themselves,
which has already led to bloodshed, & it is thought
quite doubtful whether our friends would at
present be enabled to travel among the Indians
with safety or usefulness.

Perhaps it may be advisable to pause & consider
whether this is the best time to visit the Indians
or not.

Thy frd. &c.
H. Hinsdale.