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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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present and aid by advice at any General Council
which such Indians may hold.

Consent of action proposed by New York Yearly Meeting, and
response from New England--1839

New England Yearly Meeting 6th Mo 1839

The Committee appointed in 1837 and continued last year
to correspond as way might open with Committees of other
Yearly Meetings on the condition of the Indians residing
beyond the Mississippi

produced a Report--of which the
following is the concluding paragraph--

We would propose
that our Yearly Meeting at this time should as far unite
with New York Yearly Meeting

as to recommend to Friends
to enter into a voluntary subscription to the amount of $500
to be appropriated, under the care of such committee as may
be appointed by this Meeting to have charge of this subject
to the object specified in the communication from the com-
mittee on Indian concerns of New York Yearly Meeting

--which report was satisfactory to the Meeting and with
feelings of sympathy for this much injured people, the
surviving members of the Committee now under appointment
were continued for another year, to correspond, as way may
open for it, with similar committees of other Yearly Meetings
on this interesting concern. And it was concluded
as proposed by the Committee so far to unite with
New York Yearly Meeting as to recommend to Friends
to enter a voluntary subscription at this time
for the purpose of raising an amount of not less than
$500--to be placed in the hands of the Committee of
this Meeting and to be appropriated under their care
for the objects specified in the report.

By direction of our Committee of correspondence
on Indian concerns I forward thee the above extract
from the Minutes of our Yearly Meeting with the