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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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North Ferrisburgh 11 Mo 9. 1839
To the Clerk of the Committee on Indian Affairs.
Dear Friend,

David E Knowles

, accompanied
by his wife, both members of Ferrisburgh
Monthly Meeting & having certificates
from our M & Q Meetings is about pro-
ceeding our religious visit to the Cherokee
and other Indians, west of the Missi-
sippi; the Q & M Meetings to facilitate
their proceeding, have each appointed
a committee to render them such
advice and assistance as their
circumstances might seem to require
and it is with the approbation
of the Q. M's Committee that we on the
part of the M. M. Com. address thee
on the subject.

The object we have in view
in addressing thee, is to introduce
them to the notice of the Committee
on Indian affairs

, as friends
who feel a lively interest in the welfare
of that deeply injured people,
and should your committee be
disposed to aid them, we trust
you will have no cause to regret
having placed your confidence
in them