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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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the practical duties of farming &c & the Girls in sewing
knitting, spinning, & generally in the business of the family.
The orderly deportment of the children & their improvement
were highly satisfactory, During the Period under review the

were furnished by Friends with Ploughs &
other necessary implements, instructed in the use of them,
& assisted in various kinds of labour. The Indian Women
were provided with spinning wheels &c, as also with wool,
Flax, and other articles, and instructed in such kinds of business
as was suitable for them. The older Indians were not only
pleased with the education of their children but they
themselves made important advances in the habits of Morality,
industry, & economy: They built themselves good hewn Log
houses, opened farms, introduced the Plough, raised considerable
stock & were greatly improved in habits of sobriety: about
this time (1832) the Shawnese sold their lands at
Waughpokonatta to the United States, & removing beyond
the Mississippi settled upon a tract of Excellent land
on the Kanzas river, near the western boundary of the
state of Missouri, distant about 700 miles from Cincinnati.
A united Cooperation between Baltimore & Ohio Yearly Meetings
in relation to this concern commenced in 1816, & in 1821
it was extended to Indiana Yearly Meeting, from which time
to the present the active duties of the Concern have been
confided to the Committees of Ohio & Indiana: The printed
copy of the Extracts from the Minutes of our Yearly Meeting
for 1835 which we herewith send you, contains the present
plan for the joint operation & government of the Committees
of the three Yearly Meetings. Under this plan we have
created the necessary buildings for the accommodation of a
family & School, & have again opened an Establishment
among the Shawnese; By recent accounts recieved through
our friends of Indians respecting the present state of the
Undertaking, it appears that the Super Intendant has
raised the past year & taken care of about 200 Dozen
of wheat, of oats the product of 2 1/2 acres, & put up 8 to 10 tons of
hay, & has raised on an extent of 6 to 7 acres, Good Corn &
vegetables sufficient for the use of the family, and that there
are two horses, four cows, & four young cattle belonging
to the Establishment. The school was opened 1st of First
month 1838 & continued for 3 monthes when it was dismiss-
ed on account if sickness--Average number of children
15 or 18: The school is again in operation & a meeting
for Worship is regularly held at the Establishment, & a
portion of the Holy Scriptures read in the school agreeably
to the direction given by the Committee.

Although during
the prosecution of this very interesting concern difficulties
have frequently occured to mar the Work from the Disturbed
state of the Indian Tribes among themselves, & from the
unsettled condition of the Indians consequent upon the
policy of our Government for their removal west of the
Mississippi, yet we have the satisfaction to believe,
that important benefits have resulted to them from
our benevolent & disinterested labour on their
account, which with the entire confidence they continue
to repose in Friends furnishes us with sufficient ground
for active perseverance therein.

The Efficient prosecution
of our undertaking among the Shawnese

will necessarily
involve a considerable annual expenditure of Means
and it would be cordial to us to have your assistance
in the continuance & extension among them of the
advantages of Civilization & Christian Instruction.

With a salutaion of Love we remain your
Friends: Signed by direction & on behalf of a Meeting of
the Committee of Baltimore Yearly Meeting charged with
Indian Concerns held 14th of Third Month 1839 by
Saml. Carey