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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Buffalo July 20th 1827

I had the honor of receiving from
Sam. S. Hamilton

Esquire, enclosed by your order,
the memorial of Red Jacket and others, complaining
of the proceedings at the late Treaty with the Seneca Indians,
to which tribe I presume all of the signers belong.

The memorial purports to have been
made and signed at the Council House of the nation;
but there has been no council at that place for such
purpose. Red Jacket

however, did as I am informed,
assemble his adherents upon the Tennewanta reser-
vation, to advise upon the subject of (breaking up as
he termed it) the treaty. The memorial might
have been made and signed at that time; but I
strongly suspect it was subsequently done at the Village
of Balania. Who the author was I am at a loss to con-
jecture. It could not have been Mr. Adams, in
whose presence it appears to have been signed, because
he is a man of very moderate literary attainments,
much less indeed than the grammar & orthography of