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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Buffalo, January 30th 1827 To the President of the
United States. Sir,

On the thirty first day of August last,
a treaty was concluded between the Seneca nation

of Indians,
and the proprietors of the preemptive right, to their reservations
of land within the state of New York. One copy was made
for the United States, one for the state of Massachusetts, one
for the proprietors, and one for the Chiefs of the Senecas;
all of which were lodged with me as escrows, to take effect
and to be delivered, as soon as the grantees should secure
in the public stocks or funds of the United States, an
annual annuity or income, of two thousand five hundred
and eighty three dollars, to and for the benefit of the said
Seneca Nation of Indians.

I am now informed by the agents or trustees of the proprie-
tors, that they are prepared to carry the treaty into effect,
and to that end, I have been requested to forward you a
copy thereof, which I have the honor herewith to

The treaty was attended and executed by all the
principal, and even minor chiefs of the tribe,
with the exception of one or two, who were absent at
the time. Dr. Jacob Jimeson

, an educated native,
also a young man of great worth, and of highly respecta-
ble literary attainments, officiated as principal inter-
preter, and was employed by me as such, in consequence