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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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To the great council of our white brothers the Quakers
in New York.

We met together with our
brother in council this evening. We thank the great Spirit
that we have new together once more. We are going to
say a few words. Our brother called here last winter--
we were sorry we could not talk with him because
there was no interpreter at that time, and we could not
hear anything that he wished to say. And afterwards
when he was gone, we thought we would like to have
said something if we had had an interpreter. And
now our brother is come we will say all things.
It is a number of Years since we have heard from you
You told us to learn to work every time. We are very
glad. The great Spirit sent you here to give us this
good advice. You gave us some tools to work
with, which has been a great help to us, and our young
men, warriors, begin to work with them. We divided
the tools amongst us, and some of them are worn
our. We tell you the reason why they are worn out,
because we divided them amongst our Young warriors,
and that makes them ware out quicker. We are thank
ful because we think the great Spirit make you a mind
to give them to us. We think we gain a good deal. We
know different now from what we used to.

We will tell you how many cattle and tools
we have. We have sixty four Yolk of Oxen--and thirty
one Ploughs and two drags.

We thought Brothers we woud
tell you how much trouble we have because we have
not got tools enough. We have to wait for one another
We have to drag with bushes instead of Drags because so
many hurry. You very often, when you come our want
to know how many tools we want. We never say any
thing--We thought of it--We thought you know all
about it. This time we thought we would let you know
what tools we have. If you wish to help us to some more
we are very glad.

Brothers, You often, when you come out here
told us we had better leave off drinking the bad liquor
We did very often. We talked with our Young warriors to quit
they most all did--some wont believe . We hope we
shall get strength before long. Brothers, You often give us
good council and advice to keep our land. We united, all
our nation, to keep this land, and to lay our bones on it
and our childrens too. Brothers, we look to you! we wish
you to come and instruct us, because You know our