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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Veron 5th Mo. 9th 1824 Beloved Friend Thomas Willis

Thy letter of the 12th Mo. Last Duely Come
to hand and I manely attend to the busy
ness of the oxen before with the ad
vice of some friends have sold three od oxen and the
other I left with metinas Dana

for his
to use with an od ox of his the first I sold
was a lame ox in the Latter part of the
10 month 1822 for $20 the other 2 in 11th 1823
$39 50/100 which is out at use I thought if the
Committee were willing to Lay out the mon
ey in sheep and Lone them to some of the
most prudent of the oneidas for them to have
the wooll and the in Creas I find a few are
wishing to keep sheep I dont think it
best to give to any but only to Lent for one
or two years as may
most useful the sober part of the oneida
oft express there thankfulness for friends
attention to them there fields and houses
look incouraging enough to Reward friend for
there trouble I am sure I feal sadisfyed in
beleaving our Labour is not Lost

Acors Rathbun

PS. I have sent $60 to V Hicks