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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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It appears by Adin's

statement that he has completely
gained the confidence of the indians, which they have
manifested by consulting him on all important subjects,
more particularly in relation to purchases and sales, and
by deposition with him notes of hand for collection. We
have conclu to promote the cultivation of flax, and
have engaged seed. I suggested to Adin the propriety
of proposing to them, the application of a part of their
annuity to the purchase of sheep, which he approved
of, and it will accordingly be done. Preparatory
thereto they will be encouraged to enclose a suitable
piece of land to afford them pastur'd. Adin
was impressed with the belief that the onondaga
possessed 14 yoke of Oxen exclusive of those
belonging to friends. The old pair of Oxen
spoken of in last spring's report has been exchanged
for a young pair, and the difference paid by the
indians. This tribe possesses a good seat for carding
machines and a fulling Mill, and it is believed that
they will be willing to appropriate a part of their
annuity for their erection when their situation
may require it.

Wm. S Burling 12 Mo 4th 1822
To the visiting committee
on the Indian concern

PS. The Onondaga's

have assured Adin that
when the present supply of Iron & Steel
become exhausted, a sufficient portion of their
annuity shall be applied to the purchase
of more.