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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Interests. We therefore recommend her with that
confidence, that she will meet that reception among
every sentiment of respect & esteem your friends &

Sisters--Farewell. Lucy her X mark Abrams Sarah her X mark Rhodes Hannah her X mark Konkapot Mary Pye Eunice Abrams Suriey her X Davad Catharine Littleman Hannah her X Schoiakaim Elizabeth ohlkoohquh Eshter Littleman New Stockbridge
May 3rd 1822

Our friend Adin T Cory

attended the Monthly
Meeting of Scipio 14th of 11 Mo. 1822 with a certificate
of removal for himself and wife dated in 9 Mo..
He suggested to the Meeting the propriety of allowing
him the priviledge of holding metings among the
indians when he felt his mind drawn to it which
was granted.

In an interview with him he informed
me that they arrived at Onondaga

4 or 5 weeks
previous--that the principal chief gave up his
frame house for their use; and that the principal
men manifested a disposition to promote his views.
That they had agreed to draw to the Saw-mill this
winter a sufficient number of logs to erect a
building of sufficient size for a spinning room,
a loom room, and a school room. At his request
I furnished him with eighty Dollars to procure
blacksmiths tools, Iron and Steel, and a set of
wheelright tools.

He expressed a desire that a suitable
woman might be employed to instruct the children
in spelling and reading but I did not feel myself
authorized to instruct him to procure one until I
had consulted the visiting committee.

Altho authorized to furnish wool to the
Onondaga tribe

, I did not do it, believing that
it would be of very little use to them, unless some
person qualified to instruct them resided with them.