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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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To the Society of Friends convened in a
Yearly meeting in the City of New York & elsewhere.
The subscribers, being the Society of the
Females of New Stockbridge send their salutations to you.
Friends, Brothers & Sisters,

In compliance of our most
fervent desires we come now to fulfil the same & in order
thereto, we have requested & send our loved friend Mary

to transmit it to you. Being deeply im-
pressed with the sense of our obligation to the Society
of Friends for many favors conferred on our Tribe, as
well as the invaluable art of spinning & manufac-
toring our own clothing taught us, we would more
(were it in our power) than barely express &
return you our most hearty and sincere thanks. Each
year, yea, daily we have great reasons to thank the
Great & Good Spirit, in that he had, in compassionate
regard for his poor red children, put it into your hearts
at the first, to unto us those good things which
are so admirably calculated to promote our conve-
nience & happiness here. And, we have the utmost
assurance they shall never be forgotten but will
prove the greatest benefit to our latest generations.

We would likewise return you our warmest
thanks for the good counsels you have ever given us.
Altho we regret to say to you, we have made but
a feeble progress in the time of Rectitiude & Duty, yet
we are not discouraged; but are determined to perserve
--May we ever find and interest in your prayers.

We are likewise gratefully sensible for the contin-
ation of your patronage to our Indian girls. We have
pleasing anticipations respecting their future usefullness. Our
prospects are britened by the example of our friend Mary

who was brought up among Friends. She is a pattern
to us in all the various branches, of femenine duty
In short, she is, as a parent constantly overseeing &
guiding us: & seems to have pure desires for our true