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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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money left and we have had to pay 200 Doll. out of our
annuity for that Building but we have since aserta-
ined how the business stands.

Mr. Williams

is taking every measure to
deceive us to bring us to the Necessity of having
the Land of our Nativity He has sent a Message
to Buffalo to state to the Indians there that the Oneida
is preparing to go to Green Bay when we have
no such intention there are a fiew individuals among
us and very fiew who are agreed with his plan He
seems determined to rule the Six Nations but we
are determined not to be ruled by a man of so much

We are not a little astonished at the conduct
of the man you have sent us for a Teacher We had
no expectation that he would or could use the Oneida

as he has done but we think we have now
found him out and all his plans, He is not contented
in the place where you sent him but he wants to
rule and have the command of the whole six nations

We wish you to take away this man and give
us one that is a true Minister of the Gospel we
dont want a Man that is a speculator for a
Minister we want a Man that will attend to the
duties of his holy office and look to good of our
souls and be content in his station We have no
design of renouncing our religion we are established
in the faith, but we want a good Minister to go
before us, We have many pious old people among
us whose feelings are much wounded with the cond-
uct of Mr. Williams

they say they never knew an minis-
ter conduct as he has done before.

We are sory to find that these things have a bad