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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Bishop Hobart

To our Father the Bishop John H Hobert

We have received your communication dated
at Utica

and have taken the advice you therein
gave us, We have waited the return of Mr. Williams
but he gives us no satisfaction, We are satisfied that
he is engaged in the service of a speculating company
who have for their object the routing of the Indians
from their plantations. We are able to prove that a
letter has been seen from the Cashier of the Bank at
Geneva purporting to be an answer to one sent to
him by Mr. Williams in which an application had
been made to draw 250 Dollars in the name of a certain
Company (which we forbear to name at this time)
stating that the company would comply with his
request only on condition of his removing the Indians

We have no disposition to complain unreason-
ably we wish to do right and we wanted to be treated
honourably by others and espetially by our Minister
we have lost our confidence in him we are afraid he
is not honest We had left in the hands of judge Miller

& Nathan Williams after building our Meeting house 372
Dollars out of which we have been furnished with
a bell for our Meeting house at 154 Doll, including
transportation and ten Doll. for hanging it, The
rest of the money Mr. Williams by some means or
other has obtained without our approbation and
renders no account for it We had designed that
money to pay for building our Missionary house
by Mr. Williams pretended that there was no