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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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affect in the minds of the Indians of other Tribes
and prejudices them against receiving the Gospel
They say that they are better off without it than
we are with it while we are all confusion among
us they remain in peace

We consider ourselves an independant Nation
and when we get ready to imigrate we will take
measures among ourselves to secure a Country where
we think best, We dont want a man to come
from some other Tribe to persuade and compel us
to go where he says is best, we wish to choose for
ourselves we have the right and no man shall take
it from us and we consider it an insult for any
man to attempt such a thing. We think we have
used Mr. Williams

in every respect well, We have
furnished him with Grain hay and wood besides
presents in Meat &c eversince he has lived here
He has also drawn his share in our annuities every
year and we have given him 150 Acres of Land valued
at 1500 Doll. and besides all this he receives annualy
seventy Dollars which is the rent of Lands we have
let out in Westmoreland which was appropriated by the
Nation for the suport of the Mission at this place
The Oneida Nation has always stood like a great Tree
firmly rooted and with great branches which is not
to be removed and has always been considered so by the
General Government, Mr. Williams has complained
much that he could not live unless we should give him
more Dollars that the Bishop gave him but little
But we think if he had been a true chrisian he
would have been contented Mr. Wlliams told us
before he started his journey that the Bishop had