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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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New York 5th month 31st 1822 Stockbridge, Oneida, Brothertown &c
To our Brethren of the Onandago Tribes & other
Indian Nations in the State of New York
Friends and Brothers

We often think of our Indian Brothers
and feel strong desires that you may under the care
and direction of the Great and Good Spirit improve
in Sobriety and Industry.

We have often endeavoured to press on your
minds that if you would be willing to improve
your situation it would very much promote your
welfare. We are desirous that some of your young
men would learn the Blacksmith Business and
our friend and Brother Adin Correy

by his wife being willing to reside amongst you for
the purpose of instructing some of your young men in
that Art and such other things as may be usefull, we
desire you to receive them as our friends and your
friends and that you will open your ears and listen
to such advice as they may give you, which we hope
may tend to brighten the Chain of Friendship between
you and us, and trust on your parts you will shew
them all the kindness and attention in your power.

We recommend you to the protection
of the Great Spirit and hope you will remember the
good advice we have often given you and that you will
allways believe us your good and faithfull friends.