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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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is not what is proposed by your House of Assembly to
induce the several Indian tribes within your State to
concentrate themselves in some suitable situationto that
effect--there is much said in the Newspapers of the evil
conduct of many of the Indians in your State, and should
they be as bad as represented, it would be improper to
encourage those who are sober and orderly to receive them
on their reservations. this is a delicate subject of
Legislation, but as the Session must now be drawing
towards a close, we are willing to suggest whether a
more convenient time for a joint conferrence than
during the sitting of our Yearly Meeting cannot be agreed
on, so many Committees meet just previous to the
Yearly Meeting, and many necessarily between the sitting
thereof that little time could be allotted to this subject.

Such of our friends as feel a concern to attend our
Yearly Meeting we shall be glad to see, but think this
subject had better be defer'd to another time.
Your Affectionate Friends Tho. Stewardson
Thomas Wistar