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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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as it might be taken unkind by that people
if we did not. A line address'd to E Williams

Missionary to the Oneida Indians as to David
the pititioner might be as well as he
wishes to know friends minds on the subject

Your Assured Friends Thomas Gould
Abraham Staples
Brothers & Friends

at Different times when you
Visited the Onondaga

Nation you Recommened
to them to Cultivate their Lands I
Belong to the Onnondaga Nation & I am
happy to inform you that I am one
who have followed your advice I have
Cultivated and Improved as much as I
was able, but in Consequence of my
having nothing to begin with I have made
but little progress,

I am a young man but still I wish to
act like an old man I Beleive that man
is wise when he Endeavours to get his
living by Cultivating the land which the
Great Spirit has Given us

Now hear, it is my wish to Cultivate
more land but I must be assisted in order
to do this by some friends who are Interested
in the welfare and prosperity of the Indians
it is more than five years I have struggled
to Get along in improving my land but for
want of a suitable team I have Laboured
under Great Disadvantages