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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Albany 3 Mo 19th 1819 Esteemed Friends
Richard R Lawrence
& Allen Clap

David Hill

the subject of the
petition, one of the Onondaga Indians, in com-
pany with Eleazor Williams missionary to the Oneida
, say they were advised to Call on some friends
in Albany in order to get advice respecting the
property of the Sd. David Hill going to New York to solicit
friends in person as he had though of doing, yet
considering it a very considerable undertaking, and was
willing to return if friends here advised thereto and
if they would undertake to forward the petition
with the certificates and recommendations the
said David Hill states that Gidion Simson and
other friends stay'd at his house this last season who
might be consulted. And the Missionary E Williams
states that he knows D Hill well, and that he is
a very smart man for business and that he seems
to have good judgment in what he undertakes
and further that he believes it would be likely to have
a very good effect on other young men of his tribe
if he was incoraged and enabled to prosecute business
to advantage, he think the subject under consider-
ation and having in view the Interests friends had
taken to improve the conditions of the Indians
together with their being disposed to look up to
friends for their advice and assistance, that at
least it might not be amis to forwar his pitition