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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Now Listen to the petition of David Hill

the subscriber of this, and hear his prayer
which is that some of the sosiety of friends
which have Heretofore been very friendly
to the Indians, will help him to a yoke
of Oxen on a Credit of two years, he is
willing to pay one half in one year unless
some misfortune befall him and the whole
at the Expiration of the time afore Mentioned
her has no wish to have the Cattle Gratis
but wishes by this assistance to show you
what he can do in that time if Prosperd
If the friend feel willing to supply him
with Chains and Yoke they shall also be
paid for them, this is the sincere
Request of your Indian friend who has
always had a Desire to follow you
Good Advice

David X his mark Hill Albany March 17th 1819.

I here certify, that David Hill

, is a young man
of good habits and very industrious. I heartly wish
his success to all his undertakings. Eleazer Williams
Missionary to the
Oneida Indians