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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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in sobriety and industry we may be encouraged to do
more. We should be very glad if two or more Friends from
your place would be encouraged as soon as convenient to pay them a friendly
visit, impart such advice as you may judge suitable, and in-
quire into their general conduct, and how far there is en-
couragement to hope that they will improve themselves
in farming and civilization. If you should with
sufficient encouragement, you are at liberty to supply
them to the value of Fifty dollars with any kind of farming utensils, or such other articles
as you may think most to their advantage.

If the above sum should be wanted it will be paid
you by Wm. Kibbre

Cashier of the Bank at Canandagua,
on you giving him a Bill for the same on Richland R.

The Stockbridge

, Onieda, & Onandago Indians
under the care of the Committee, have of late made consi-
derable improvement in raising grain and farming
generally, and the number of Women engaged in spin-
ing and weaving Cloth, have very much increased,
and some of them have made more than 100 yds Cloth this

For your information and government we inclose
a Copy of an address we sent by Sky

to the Senaca

We are
Your Affectionate Friends
To Jos Comstock
Jno. Battey
Caleb McCombre
David Baker
Ira Lapham
Daniel Lapham

PS. We should be pleased to hear from you on
the subject of this Letter as soon as convenient.