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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Letters to Friends in Farmington.

April 15. 1818

By A number of the Committee on Indian Concerns
who were together Yesterday, and to whom your Letter of 3 mo. 4
was shown desired to say, that Your attention to the subject
and the guarded care manifested was agreeable.
It afforded satisfaction to hear that the
Indians you visited at Tonywanta

appeared to
be in comfortable and improving circumstances.
It was also noticed that you had agreed to expend
for their benefit Fifty Dollars, authorized
by a former Letter; and that you purpared
to pay them another visit. Altho it is uncertain
whether way will open for Our Committee
hereafter to give attention to those
Indians yet should you beleive the expenditure of
the further Sum of Fifty Dollars would be
particularly useful to them at the present
time, you are authorized to apply it according-
ly; and to draw for the money in the same
way as before, or have it refunded in any other way that
may suit you.

We are your affectionate friends
To &c.