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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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New York 9th Mo. 23rd. 1817 Esteemed Friends

Your Letter by John Sky

, a Chief
of the Senaca Nation of Indians, was handed us, and
the Committee on Indians affairs have had a conference
with Sky--he stated generally, that he was appointed to
inform us, that the Nation had held a Council lately,
and had become sensible of the necessity of
Sobriety and Industry, and were very desirous of the assis-
tance of Friends to enable them to cultivate their Lands raise
Cattle & Sheep &c. and also stated, that at the place he resides,
Tonawanto Village, the Indians propose building a Saw Mill
and wanted us to furnish them the Mill Irons. It would be very
desirable to assist these poor people, but it is attended with
considerable difficulty on account of their remote
situation, which makes it very inconvenient for us to visit them.
Unless they are visited, and suitable advice afforded to them,
we should allways be at a loss to know anything of their
general conduct, or in what way assistance might be given
most beneficial and usefull. From our knowledge
of Indians, we are satisfied it requires great caution and care
in assisting them, otherways it may often injure instead
of helping them--on this account we think it would be most
prudent to do it rather sparingly, and then if they increase