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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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And a judicious Committee to cooperate with
them and occasionally Represent their case to

--which has the power to order out
from amongst them--such as should be represented
as improper persons to reside amongst them and
to see that Existing Laws against selling ardent spi-
rits or bartering Whisky with them were put
in force or prevail with Government (which
I should esteem most advisable) to appoint some
judicious Agent to constantly reside in their
vicinity whose business it should be to recognise
all abuses of good order from the Whites--and
so cooperate with such Committee & Friends
settled amongst them--I concieve much might
be done in this way & I have no Idea but a pro-
position of this Nature would be well recieved
by our Government as well as be very grateful
to the better sort among the Poor Indians

I am with every Sentiment of
Esteem & Affection to
thee & Dear Hannah E.
To Thomas EddyPeter Lossing

I would suggest whether our half years
Meeting were requested to Appoint a stand-
ing Committee to act in the Capacity
above alluded to & to correspond with your
Body it would not be likely to have
a desirable effect-- as proper first
step in the concern here