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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Norwich U. Canada 2 mo 10th 1817 Dear Friend

I rec. thy kind communication Vz. E Moore

on the Indian concern--may say, It was far from my
intention by what I wrote the smallest descourage.
in the way of an extension of care to the poor Natives in
this Land, but only that the concern might be proceeded in with
all possible caution--for The natives who are numerous
perhaps 2000 on Grand River composed of part of the 6 Na-
--& a settlement of Mohawks in the vecinity of Adolphus
I apprehend would be very grateful for any friendly
and interference from Friends--those on G River I am
acquainted with, have some imperfect notion of
cultivation in Agriculture & civilization--one Tribe the Mohawk
generally profess Christianity--under the care of a Clergyman who
under a salary from G. visits them occasionally and administers
what they call Ordinances but I apprehend--its influence has had
very trifling effects except a little formality--its like People like Print
A number of White People have occasionally for a few years settle
amongst them--and with scarcely an exception they have been
of abandoned Character--their Example has powerfully corrupted
& continues to corrupt their Moral Character encourage Drunkenness
profanity Debauchery chicanry & every vice--Government has
been very Liberal in annually supplying them when pressed
with want but even Government has almost become discou-
raged with them--for Aid seems only to render
many of them less provident & more proflegate I have had
several interviews with some of the principle chiefs who seem
disheartened and talk of leaving the country on account of the bad
effects of the wicked White peoples influence among them. I have
also confered with some of the Deputy Agents for Indian affairs
and am of the mind that a few friends settled amongst them