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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Date--as also an explicit avowal of the ultimate view motive
and exciting cause of this concern, it will be easy for a sus-
picios apprehension to arrise--that the hand of Joab is in
this thing, to nutralize as many of the natives as possible here
against a future Day. Wherefore before I Lay this subject
before Government here or make any formal overture to the
Chiefs or heads of the Indian departments to enable me to answer
your Queries, I conceive it will be necessary, for me to receive
from you a full statement, of the grouds and origin of the
concern, the length of time it has been maturing, what at-
tempts have been made upon several tribes in the States
and the various success attending the concern; as also the present exertions
from the same source, now in actual operation. This will
perfectly obviate an impression of its being a local concern only
comprising Canada

--as also preventing an impression of its
being secretly connected with political calculations--either of
which at this time would probably, frustrate the views of
friends in the premises and seriously impede
a cordial cooperation of Government here, which I apprehend
would be the case, if the views & intentions of friends were once rightly un-
derstood here

I beg leave to suggest that if one or more of the Committee
having this subject at heart could see it right (after you
should feel easy to communicate agreeable to my
request) to accompany the Concern it would lighten the
responsibility on my shoulders and I trust we might safely
calculate on a favorable issue for much will depend on
a proper introduction of the subject both as it respects
Government and also the peculiar objects of the concern
every thing in my power to promote the solid Interest
of this depressed people, I trust will be at the disposal of
that benevolent principle from which the concern has

I conclude in much friendship Peter Lossing
To Tomas Eddy
John Griscom