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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Report of
Indian Committee

To the Yearly Meeting
The Committee on the Concern relative to the Indian
Natives report,

That in attending to the Concern com-
mitted to their charge, the 4 tribes under the care of the Yearly
Meeting have been visited by some of our number; And
altho' some of the Natives are in rather an unsettled state, and
looking toward removing their habitation, yet it appears by the
report of our committee, that others are industrious, and
attentive to aggricultural improvements; that in the Brothertown

, considerable advancements have been made therein, as also
in the domestic manufactures, and an increase of attention to
keeping sheep and other stock, inclosing their lands with better
fence, erecting buildings &c--which improvements have been
promoted by small rewards for industry, having been paid out
of their annuity. This tribe consists of 60 men and 75
women besides children. Two Schools are taught in this
tribe which appear to be under good regulation; and one in
the Stockbridge tribe; where there is also a number of framed
houses and barns, and some farms well fenced and under good
cultivation. In those families where the men are sober
and industrious they are in the plentiful enjoyment of the
comforts of civilized life; others less sober and industrious
are consequently more needy. It was recommended to this
tribe to persevere in manufacturing their own apparrel, as at
Brothertown; which the sober and industrious amongst them
are very desirous to do; and it appearing by a late Act of
the Legislature that the disposal of their Annuity is confided
to the Agents appointed by Government to receive & pay the same
it is hoped that this change in the appropriation of their funds