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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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New York

Address from the Onandago Tribe of Indians

Friends and Brothers

We have heard from your
Counsil fire once more, we have heard that you
wanted to know whether the Onondagoes

had left off
the use of Strong Drink or not. Brothers we have
left off a long time ago, you tols us to leave off the
Great spirit told us to leave off. we have listened
to his voice; there are some that visite us from the
Oneidas that drink, we think they will leave off
by our good advice

Brothers we are in want of Cattle, Chaines
Ploughs, and all Kinds of farming utensils, you
have told us that you would help us, we were
glad to hear you were willing to help us

Brothers We are in want of Blacksmyths
Carpenters, and other Mechanics, we want to learn
our children to work, we have opened our eyes
we now see that we must work, we are willing
to work we begin to raise wheat, and will do
more if we can get help

Brothers a part of our tribe lives at Buffaloe

they are of the same mind with us, we all agree
we wish If you will help us to Oxen, and farming
utensiles, that you would send then on as soon
as you can, as we are much in want, you will
find us of the same mind, as when you ware
here, we hope to hear from you soon

Brothers We respect you and wish you
all well remember us at your great Council
we look to you as our friends.

Signed by four
of our Chiefs.