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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Brothers we respect you and wish you all well remember
us at your grate Counsell we Look to you as our
frinds. Signed by four of our Cheafs You non e talack
his X Mark his X Mark John his X Mark tutios his X Mark Abraham X Brand John X mark Onondaga Apral 8 1811

NB plas to write by
the Bairer

friends by the requst of the onondagos

i will inform
you as to their sittiation thay air industrius and sober
they appear to be onest in thair deal one with
a nother and with the White Paple thair nabors
thay want a Little in Currigment and i think
often Exprest to me thair wish to Larn the
use of tools and to have thair Children
Eddicatid i think thair is as fair a prospect
at this place as any that i know of among
the Natives. yurs with esteem and respect
Eph. Webstr.
April 8 1811