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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Epistle from the Onondagas. 4 mo 1811

to the Friends or Quakers at New York
to the Care of our friend residing at the
Oneida Castle

Friends and Brothers we have heard from your
Counsel fire once more we heard that you
wanted to know whether we the onondagas

left off the use of Sparits or not.
Brothers we have Left of a Long time ago you
told us to Leave of the grate Sparet told us
to Leave of we have listind to his vois.
thair is sum that visit us from the onidas that
drink we think they will Leave of by our good

Brothers we air in want of Cattle Chains Plows
and All kinds of farming uatenshels you
have told us that you would help us
we wair glad to hear that you wair Willin
to help us.

Brothers we air in want of Black Smiths Carpenters
and other Mecanicks we want to Larn our Children
to work we have opend our Eyes we now see
that we must work we air willing to work we
begin to rase wheat and will due more if
we Can git help.

Brothers a part of our tribe Lives at Bufaloa

thay air of the same mind with us we all agree
we wish if you will help us to oxin and farming
tools that you would send them on as soon as
you Can as we air much in want you will
find us of the mind as you did when you was
hear we hope to hear from you soon.