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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Letter from Stockbridge Women--
asking to be taught to spin, &c.

Copy of a Letter from several Indian Women
New StockbridgeJan. 30th 1810
Dear friends

We write this to inform you that through a kind Providence we
are all well, we hope we are united in love to our blessed Saviour.
We take this oppertunity to thank you for all your good Counsel to us
and our People both in your letters and when ever you have visited
us; all your good words we have laid up in our minds: But par-
ticularly of late we have thought much about what you have
advised us with respect to learning our Children to spin and make
Cloth, which we think is the best measure we can take
toward making some progress toward a Civilized life.

We have therefore concluded to set about this Important work,
and have agreed with Mary Peters

(so called) who is Married
but has agreed to undertake a spinning school next summer and
make a trial what can be done now in order to effect this important
good work: We wish for your assistance to procure wheels
Flax, perhaps some wool or a few Sheep to begin with; and
also Flaxseed to be given to those of our Men who will engage to
Culturate it according to the manner of farmers; we wish you
to take these things into consideration that we may see how we
can get along.

We wish you every blessing and remain your
Friends. Hannah Jackson Hannah Harlan Ann Miflin Hannah Gifford Elizabeth Joseph Elizabeth Pye Esther Letchman Mary Pye Catharine Letchman