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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Proposition In teaching the Oneida Children.

The Committee, under whose care the Yearly Meeting

has placed its concern relative to the Indian Natives, in
in their deliberations from time to time on this impor-
tant subject, have been led to apprehend that in order to
be more extensively useful to that People, the attention of
Friends should be particularly turned to the young and
rising generation, who are in great want of suitable
instruction; and as a friend & his family have for some
time resided with the Brothertown Tribe, whose services
have been found very useful to them, & the want of similar
assistance in the Oneida Tribe is sensibly felt, we are now
induced to spread the subject in this manner with few
the view of encouraging a Friend & his wife particularly,
or a single man, who may feel their minds disposed to
go & reside amongst that Tribe for a time, for the
purpose of instructing their Childern & aiding the
endeavours of the Committee in the promotion of
thier civilization & welfare.

The clerk is directed to forward Copies of
this minute to the several Quarterly Meetings in
the Yearly Meeting.

Extracted from the Minutes of the Comm-
ittee at a Meeting held in New York 23rd of 5th mo. 1808Samuel Parsons Clerk