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Beyond Penn's Treaty

Committee on Indian Concerns Scrapbook

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Copy of Letter on page 9.

Copy of
a Letter from the Onondaga Indians, to the Yearly
Meeting of Friends in New York

Friends & Brothers,

We have heard from your Council-Fire once
more. We heard that you wanted to know whether we
the Onondagas

had left off the use of ardent Spirits, or

We have left off a long time ago; you told us to
leave off, the Great Spirit told us to leave off: we have
listened to His voice; there are some who visit us from
the Oneidas

who drink; we think they will leave off by
our good advice.

We are in want of Cattle, Chains, Ploughs, and all
kinds of Farming-utensils; you have told us you would
help us; we were glad to hear you were willing to help us.

We are in want of Black-Smiths, Carpenters and
other Mechanics: We want to teach our Children to work:
we have opened our Eyes, we now see we must work, we
are willing to work: we begin to raise Wheat, and will
do more if we can get help.

A part of our Tribe lives at Buffalo

; they are of